Scarred Today, Stronger Tomorrow

I believe that the future is bright…so bright that I can be a light to other people.
Yes, today marks a scar that I will hold on to eternity. They say that people gives reason to everything…

Every thing happens for a reason.


I am a person who always fight for what I believe is right, and never stops till I win. But today I let it seem like I lost. I did not fight even though I have a loaded gun. I cried in silence and smiled on their face. Now I am contented coz I won even when I lost.

I won life lessons, more patience and understanding.

I learned today that sometimes you just need to let them win to promote peace and harmony. Let the prosecutor indict. Let the audience’s mind be intrigued. Let the sun rise to the South. After all, there is only one judge looking from above to all of us. What important is you know yourself and never let anyone put a label on you. 

At the end of the day, grades are just numbers, numbers are just for counting, those that can be counted have worth but is not valuable.

I am scarred today but I am not scared coz tomorrow I’ll be stronger. (Pain tolerance increased) 😝

I look younger than my actual age.

Even the sun creates a dark shade called shadow. The brighter the sun, the darker the shadow.