Conquering LDR Blues

It have been two and a half months since my boyfriend left for the USA. It is hard for me and I know it is the same for him. He and his family left for good…yes, I have thoughts of coming there for him but I also have this dream ever since I was a child to work and live in UK. Conflicting, I know. Now let’s go back to the topic…entering an LDR, I read lots of articles and asked people in LDR how they made it possible. So far, for me the following works.

USE Technology
Well, thank you to modernization and the genius behind it! Yes, there are tons of way to COMMUNICATE…You can have facebook, viber, skype, kakao talk, yellow, we chat, facetime and a lot more. There are wide choices of cute stickers to use, say goodbye to plain and boring messaging. You can also attach video, photo and voice message. Record yourself singing a love song or saying good night…it is good too because the receiver can playback your voice and feel you’re just beside them.

FORGET Technology
You read it right, forget technology. Go grab your paper and pen then wrote your love one a letter. You can even spray your perfume on it to add more spice. When I got his first letter I felt amazed and a little complete, you know the idea of that piece of paper was once held by him and now I am the one holding and reading it. Plus the fact that not all get to experience this old school but oh so romantic snail mail stuff. Now you can brag this with your grandma. ☺️

Look at what you have…
Who says that when someone goes, nothing’s left? No, you have all the good memories. Everything you did together, the silly stuffs, the promises…you have to hold it in your heart. Do not forget that you also have your family and friends around you. You might have been idle with them when you had your partner beside you but remember that it is never too late besides, a true friend understands you without even explaining anything.

TURN around, PLAY around
When I said turn around it doesn’t mean look for fling and play. What I mean is there are a lot of activities you can do. Try cooking, learn a new dish so when he/she come back you will be able to surprise him/her with an indoor date. Learn how to knit and send him scarf you made for the winter…it will make him feel as if you are hugging him and keeping him warm. Do the things you are doubted to do before, enroll for a Taekwondo class and learn defense. Go play! Explore new places, you can go there together when you reunite.

Do not listen to sad love songs
No negativity allowed in here: I am not saying that sad love songs are to be banned but what I want to emphasize is the idea of becoming more sad when you internalize that lyrics that says “it breaks my heart you are not here beside me” What you can do is choose song with good lyrics and beat…it’ll be better if you hear “it breaks my heart you are not here beside me but I’ll be okay because we will be together again…someday”
It’s all about mood setting.

Verbalize your feelings…
Don’t let emotions eat you…you have to let it out. If you miss him, tell him. It does not only let him know that he is worth missing but somehow it also gives him an assurance that it is only him you long to be with.
A little PDA is good too, tweet it, share what’s on your mind on facebook…but remember too much PDA can be awkward at times. Yes, you miss him everyday but it can be irritating for your friends to read it every minute or see pictures of you and your partner kissing. I know, you love each other to the core and you don’t care what the world thinks but, hey! It can be saturating for both of you too. Studies shows too that the more you kept things between you two, the more it lasts. Learn to breathe in the moment before you post in social networks. Being reserved is really something…