Timeline, Skyline

It was 8am, I am heading home from the hospital while most of the people are heading to work. I was walking up the foodbridge and saw the sky… It was so beautiful. My weariness was blown away.

Along the dirty steps and foul smelling stairs of Cubao, where thousands of people commute on a daily basis, here I am realizing and telling myself to keep it slow and let dreams be achieve on its own time.

I’ve been sticking to my calendar plans and life goals, creating checklist of achievements along age number. Thinking that if I would live at 40-50years at the most, I must achieve this and that before I reach the age of which.

 Then today I deeply thought about timeline… a man on the side of street selling corns, the woman on the patio smelling charcoals from roasting porks and isaw, the middle-aged uncle with huge-patched-travel-bag and a box of doughnut, the lady in full make up wearing plain flat slippers, the kids playing kara-krus from alms, and me… the nurse who was busy saving lives 24/7, trying to achieve the MSN degree before 25, making time for family and friends… getting ready for migrating to States and get married to my long term LDR boyfriend who’ll be arriving soon in 2mos from this point of time to pick me up and get married after I turned 25… Oops, and that was also in 2months time.

Hey Winn, take it slow. For the past 3years I’ve been seeing the same scene on my way home but today felt so different. Apparently, I failed. My thesis won’t make it before my presumpted graduation day… I’ll be leaving without the degree I’ve been working on. I can’t be more sad thinking that this is one of the biggest reason why I am still here, and still trying to fit in with my low salary yet mutually rewarding job. Then I start rationalizing again… think of the people who pass along with me on this crowded terminal. Then I said to myself:

You are blessed… be more appreciative and thankful. Failing at your set timeline doesn’t mean it’s the end… look at the sky, it has no limit.

 Dreams and goals are like that too… it’s limitless. And, like all the billion people looking at the same sky everyday, each of us has a good day ahead of us. Be kind to yourself, be kind to other people. Work hard, play hard, be thankful. Everyday is a winnerday afterall.