Sibling Fights

I have two sisters, we are all two years apart. We fight almost everyday, with little things, with big things, with serious things, in everything. Maybe if we were twins, we could have been boxing inside my mother’s womb. 😂

I heard other people say they are tired of their siblings and wishes their friends was their siblings instead. It is not bad to have a friend you call a “sister from another mother,” it is not good either to treat your own brother like he was not of your own blood.
But why do we sometimes treat our siblings so rude? Why do we sometimes show them our worst?
My opinion is that because we are comfortable with them…that in the deepest corner of our brain, we trust in them to the point that it is only them who can accept our worst and still loves us unconditionally. It is our sibling who will cook us meal the next morning like nothing happened last night. It is our sibling who will encourage us to try again even if they call us looser. It is our sibling who will call us ugly but be the first to say you look so good on your graduation dress or suit.

That’s just how it goes…you will always fight but never let it break your bond. 👯


My elder sister and I 👯



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