Do you also love sunset? 

  I used to love sunrise as it signifies new beginnings and chances… It gives me choices like whether to start now or make a change. As I conquered life challenges and experience struggles, my perspective have changed…I started to love sunset more than sunrise.

I am an overthinker, I admit it…I over rationalize things but what good in it is that I learned to see different angles in every situation. At the end of each day I ask myself, “did I make someone smile today?” Or “did I do what is right?” Then I have flashbacks of my entire activity.

Everyday is a blessing from above…every sunset says “You survived another day.”

We all have different obstacles and from that arises our various coping mechanisms to help us conquer it. What important is that when the sundown comes, we do not just survive for own but we also helped others survive.

It’s not how long we have live… It’s what we do when we were alive.



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