Everything has a reason, everyone has a purpose. How our lives are connected, how words can be so powerful it can built or ruin you and the people around you.

Right now in this moment, there are billions of people breathing around the world. A half of them, you haven’t met. Some have met their forever, some have lost, some are still searching and all just wants to be happy.

In a world of endless possibilities and uncertainties, what we need is someone who will stay with us and make us feel we are never alone. Traveling will be an adventure. Everyday will be a masterpiece. All boulders will just turn into dust and all the hazy path will lead to a better road.

But, what if you have lost the reason to stay?

Again, what is the reason why you will stay?

We all have tendencies to leave if we feel that we are not of great help or when we feel unappreciated. But, when you are in a situation where all you could think of is giving up or running away…think again…and again.

Stay when no once else will. Love till all you can give is nothing but more love.


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